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Used Cart Warranty Policy

All Warranty claims shall only be made by calling 1300 93 88 11 or by emailing: info@cartsnparts.com.au

CARTS’N’PARTS AUSTRALIA (“Company”) warrants that any used golf cart purchased, electric or gas powered, from Carts’n’Parts Australia or an authorised Carts’n’Parts Australia dealer will be free from any critical defects in material and workmanship that would result in the cart not being operational for the below stated time from date of purchase, subject to the stated limitations.

The Company hereby states that the use of the electric vehicle is determined upon sale and the manufacturer state that the following warranty periods apply according to the use

Period of Warranty

Residential/Personal Use

  • 3 months Chassis & Structural
  • 3 months Mechanical & Electrical
  • 3 months Batteries.

Commercial Use

  • 3 months Chassis & Structural
  • 3 months Mechanical & Electrical
  • 3 month Batteries.

DURING THE PERIOD OF WARRANTY stated above, any authorised Carts’n’Parts Dealer will, free of charge and at the technicians determination, repair or replace any part adjudged critically defective by the Authorised Carts’n’Parts team member due to faulty workmanship or material failure.

All Carts are serviced & inspected under our strict 52-point Checklist to ensure the cart is not on in its best condition when sold but also reliable under normal use. If a used cart is to be repaired under this used cart warranty policy outside of Carts’n’Parts’ service areas (South East QLD & North Melbourne) then the labour charged by a technician performing the repair will be covered up to a rate of $30.00/hr payable to the repairer upon the completion of the repair.

The above-stated used cart warranty shall be deemed VOID should the failure of any of the parts of the cart and/or components be caused by: 

  • Abnormal strain, neglect, or abuse including lack of proper maintenance, servicing every 6 months by a qualified technician and use contrary to the normal purpose and care of the cart.

  • Accident or collision damage by the driver or any person/s.

  • Installation of parts or accessories that are not original equipment or not supplied to suit the cart and/or any parts or accessories not previously authorised by Carts’n’Parts Australia if required.

  • Installation of any parts or accessories not completed by an authorised golf cart technician.

  • Fading, rust or deterioration due to excessive exposure to UV Sunlight (i.e. being stored outside without adequate covering), or over-ordinary wear and tear.

  • Modifications or alteration that affects the cart’s condition, operation, purpose or durability.

  • Damage due to improper transportation of the cart.

  • Damage caused by ‘Naturally Occurring Incidents’, i.e. lightning, hail damage, flood, fire, etc.

Your Responsibility under this warranty shall be to perform the following as a part of the ownership of an electric or gasoline-used cart. If the following is not proven to have taken place at the time of claim, then the above warranty shall be deemed VOID:

  • Operate and maintain the golf cart as specified in the appropriate cart care documents and all relevant Battery Care documents that have been provided to you upon sale and signed by the customers to acknowledge they have received these documents.

  • Give notice to an authorised Carts’n’Parts dealer or representative of any and all apparent defects within ten (10) days after discovery. 

  • Make the cart available at that time determined for inspection and repairs by a Carts’n’Parts authorised representative. 

  • If a representative is not able to view the cart, then please provide a minimum of 5 photos of the part or area of the cart being claimed.

Unfortunately due to the limitations of this Used Cart Warranty Policy, you are not able to transfer this warranty from one owner to a new owner within the 3 months warranty period.

The information written on this above page, represents the most current used cart warranty policy and should be read as applicable to any used cart sales that take place from 1 July, 2020.