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ECAR Lithium Magnum 2S Golf Cart

From: $12,990.00


Powered 100% by a Lithium 67Ah Battery Package, this ECAR Lithium Magnum 2S Golf Cart can handle any hill or course without fail!

Unleash a new era of golfing prowess with the ECAR Lithium Magnum 2S Golf Cart. Equipped with the revolutionary Lithium Battery, this 48V powerhouse guarantees a maintenance-free experience with its sealed all-in-one battery lasting up to 10 years or 3500 charge cycles.

Prepare for a new level of driving comfort with redesigned suspension and high-wall tyres making for a more comfortable ride. Revel in the luxury of a tailored digital speedometer and voltage meter, regenerative braking, and a comprehensive lighting kit. From the rear golf bag canopy to the mounted large 6 can esky cooler and club & ball washer, every inclusion will be sure to enhance your golf round and or journey. This ECAR Lithium Magnum 2S Golf Cart is the epitome of performance, style, and innovation on the course – drive the future today.

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We’re proud to announce that this ECAR Lithium Magnum 2S Golf Cart is now officially 100% powered by a 67Ah Lithium Battery!


  • 5 years on the Chassis,
  • 3 years on all of the Electrical and Mechanical Components,
  • Also, a market-leading 5 years on Lithium Battery & Charger (for personal golf use)


  • Bumper-to-bumper 2-year warranty on all components &
  • 3 years on the Lithium Battery & Charger


  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • Navy Blue
  • Forest Green
  • Burgundy (Dark Red)
  • Gunmetal Grey
  • Champagne.

Additionally, other RAL-M colours are available by special order. (Minimum quantities may apply and lead times can be 6-8 weeks).

This ECAR Lithium Magnum 2S Golf Cart comes with a fantastic range of features and accessories included

  • Lithium 67Ah Battery Package
    • 48V Cart System.
    • There is no need to add water or ever service these batteries. It is a sealed all-in-one battery with an expected 10-year life span or up to 3500 charge cycles.
  • On-board Lithium charger (Most reliable lithium chargers in the industry that are designed to charge your batteries with the most energy in the best amount of time for the longevity of the battery cells.)
  • LED Lithium digital speedometer & 48V battery voltage meter mounted in front of the steering wheel (programmed specifically for the battery cells to show accurate levels of charge.)
  • Rear sweater basket
  • Regenerative braking system
  • 2 x side mirrors
  • A full LED lighting kit (including daytime running lights)
  • Indicators and horn (located on the steering column)
  • Foldable hinged acrylic windscreen (new design)
  • Rear golf bag fold-down canopy (new Sunbrella material)
  • 2 x large cup holders and 2 x small cup holders
  • Club & Ball Washer. (Passenger Side Mounted)
  • Small 6 can Drinks Cooler. (Drivers Side Mounted)
  • 2 x sand bottles with handles
  • 10-inch mag wheels and 205/65-10 tyres
  • Lap seat belts for each passenger
  • Lockable glovebox compartments
  • Aluminum corrugated floor
  • In-dash dual USB ports
  • Golfers clip steering wheel
  • Full set of removable and washable, black fabric quality seat covers
  • Metallic body paint is standard
  • High-strength black poly roof


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All other regions will incur a heavily discounted flat-rate shipping charge.

PLEASE NOTE – Cart Colour Availability
Your chosen cart colour may not be available for immediate delivery. We will contact you immediately with accurate availability and provide a lead time. Should the colour be in stock, we will normally be able to ship/deliver the cart within a few days. 

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This quality ECAR Lithium Magnum 2S Golf Cart is the most comfortable Cart to drive on the market.

Download the Specification Sheet here.


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This ECAR Lithium Magnum 2S Golf Cart is not for public road use – compliant for conditional or limited-access registration only.


You will receive free, direct-to-your-door service if you live or are located within a 100km radius of our Gold Coast or Thomastown, Melbourne stores. Due to the increased cost of transport in Australia, we are doing our best to keep the cost to an absolute minimum to as. any location within Australia and surrounding islands. No location is too difficult, call us on 1300 93 88 11 to receive your discounted delivery quote if you are located outside of the above areas.

The following time frames are based on where your chosen colour is in the manufacturing process.

  • In stock at warehouse/showroom: 2-3 Days
  • Currently in the build process: 2-4 weeks 
  • Colour is finished in the factory and ready to be shipped from one of our distribution warehouses: 4-6 weeks

Like all golf carts, the parts are made in Asia. However, ECAR is exclusively built on the Gold Coast (in Australia) once all these parts are imported by Carts’n’Parts Australia. Each cart takes 2-3 days to build, mechanically check, service, detail and have it ready for pickup or delivery. Our trusted customer support is supplied Australia wide and the ECAR brand has been around for more than 18 years.